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C.C x Lelouch
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7th-Jul-2013 08:59 pm - Code Geass Icons
Lelouch x CC
Code Geass  [1 - 10]

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5th-Jul-2013 11:17 pm - Mixed Fandom Icons
Mira x Laxus
Anime & Games {Code Geass, Vampire Knight, Final Fantasy XV, Legend of Zelda [1 - 15]
Movies {Divergent, Hunger Games, Infernal Devices/Mortal Instruments} [16 - 28]
TV Shows{Arrow, Beauty and the Beast -CW, Gossip Girl, Melrose Place One Tree Hill, Vampire Diaries} [29 - 52]

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1st-Jan-2012 10:04 pm - Icons for Anime20in20
Mira x Laxus
Code Geass {20x} for anime20in20

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29th-Oct-2011 10:13 am - Lelouch/CC AMV
Code Geass - Zero
I decided to make two pairing videos back-to-back, one for Lelouch/Shirley and now for Lelouch/CC Because the inspiration was there, and I like both pairings very much...so I kind of consider them a pair in my mind, opposite each other as one is from Lelouch's POV and one is from CC's.
I triple checked and this video should be fine, but please let me know if there are any issues. (Unless you're in Germany. For some reason it is only blocked in Germany. If so please just use the animemusicvideo.org link.)

It can also be found at animemusicvideos.org here. It can be downloaded (click Local) or streamed (click Preview). If you don't have an account and would rather not make one, click the cut.Collapse )

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20th-Sep-2011 07:16 pm - Icons
Mira x Laxus
Code Geass {15}


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18th-Sep-2011 10:33 am - [selling] LuluCC doujinshi
Madoka Magica ~ Kyubey stare
Hello! Have 4 Lelouch/CC doujinshi for sale. May give discounts if you want to buy all 4 together. If interested, please see my journal for buying information. Thank you!

Lelouch x C.C.
5. Love Like Trust by Kurimomo $15
7. Okashina Futari by REONGUMI $9
8. Pink Noise by CREAYUS $11
9. Yellow Noise by CREAYUS $9

1. absolute connection by APRICOT TEA $26 NEW SOLD
2. Streptocarpus by APRICOT TEA $9 NEW SOLD
3. Pizza-bu Tsukurimasu!! by APRICOT TEA $9 NEW SOLD
4. Love Like Trick by Kurimomo $14 NEW SOLD
6. in my room by UFUFU $9 SOLD
29th-Jul-2011 03:25 pm - Fic - A Touch of the Lips
Title: A Touch of the Lips
Characters/Pairing: C.C., Lelouch; Lelouch/C.C.
Summary: Five times C.C. kisses Lelouch, and the first time he kisses her instead.

Read @ LiveJournal or FFNet.
4th-Jul-2011 01:22 pm - Icons
Mira x Laxus
Code Geass, (100/100) for year_of_ships 


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22nd-May-2011 10:09 pm(no subject)
xxxholic ◦ flower of time
(20) CLAMP icons *Code Geass, X/1999, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, xxxHolic*

~here @ mysts
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