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C.C x Lelouch
"The Death of Gods" | Code Geass | Post-series, Alt | Lelouch x C.C. | Version 2  
18th-Jan-2016 12:45 am
(by ___aliform)
"Lelouch woke up, and he remembered nothing."

"It was funny how the violet pupil could threaten her more than the red one. But of course, the Geass never worked on her. She imagined his madness growing as they spoke; wondered if people on the other side of the world, on other islands, were searching for his identity, desperately hoping they could give him the truth he wanted."

Oneshot, post-series, alternate ending.

This piece was first written in 2008. I've recently re-imagined the original ending and would love your comments. Cheers!

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