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C.C x Lelouch
[selling] LuluCC doujinshi 
18th-Sep-2011 10:33 am
Madoka Magica ~ Kyubey stare
Hello! Have 4 Lelouch/CC doujinshi for sale. May give discounts if you want to buy all 4 together. If interested, please see my journal for buying information. Thank you!

Lelouch x C.C.
5. Love Like Trust by Kurimomo $15
7. Okashina Futari by REONGUMI $9
8. Pink Noise by CREAYUS $11
9. Yellow Noise by CREAYUS $9

1. absolute connection by APRICOT TEA $26 NEW SOLD
2. Streptocarpus by APRICOT TEA $9 NEW SOLD
3. Pizza-bu Tsukurimasu!! by APRICOT TEA $9 NEW SOLD
4. Love Like Trick by Kurimomo $14 NEW SOLD
6. in my room by UFUFU $9 SOLD
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